Genetic Engineering: Techniques and Applications in the Domain of Crimes

الهندسة الوراثية : الأساليب والتطبيقات في مجال الجريمة / وجدي عبد الفتاح سواحل.

سواحل، وجدي عبد الفتاح ; Wajdi Abdul Fattah Sawahil (2006)


The present book incorporates scientific and cultural ideas which are compatible with the scientific advance of the contemporary age. To be precise, this relates to the broad area of “Genetic Engineering” and its applications. This has become a significant biological instrument in medicine, pharmacology, agriculture, industry and environmental pollution. As a whole, the book has expounded on the following subjects: - Genetic Engineering: Its Origin, Evolution and Achievements. - Applications of Genetic Techniques. - Genetic Engineering: Motivation to Crime. - Genetic Engineering: Tool for Committing Crime. - Genetic Engineering: Means for Combating Crime. - Genetic Engineering: Techniques for Restraining Repercussions Stemming from Crime.