Islamic Stance on Environmental Questions: A Comparative Study

المنظور الإسلامي لقضايا البيئة : دراسة مقارنة / تأليف محمد محمود السرياني.

السرياني، محمد محمود ; Muhammad Mahmud Al-Siryani (2006)


As a whole, the present book represents a part of the series that Naif Arab University for Security Sciences has contributed towards environmental questions. The latter, needless to state, are gaining increasing attention in the present age. The book is distinguished by its keenness to highlight the Islamic view on various environmental issues and to define the principles, bases and rules necessary for formulating the legislations required to protect the environment on the national, regional and global levels. The underlying intent is to establish a balanced international system to protect people and their environment both now and in future. The book, in substance, comprises following subjects: - Environment: Its Components, Laws and Problems. - Air Environment: Its Importance from Islamic Perspective. - Water Environment: Its significance in Islam. - Land Environment: Its Importance from the Islamic Standpoint. - Environmental Education: Concept and Islamic View. - Distinctiveness of Islamic Stance on Environment.i