Intelligence in the Islamic State

المخابرات في الدولة الإسلامية / سلامة محمد الهرفي البلوي.

البلوي، سلامة محمد سلمان الهرفي ; Mohammed Salama Al-harfi (1988)


Intelligence is an important function of the government; it has its own skills, expertise, tools and methods. It is for the Islamic nation, it has its own base of origin based on combining and reconciling of values and ideals, and the scientific necessities in dealing with the different parties and mostly the hostile parties. 1410هـ/1990م Date of Issue ACSST/Riyadh Publisher First Edition Arabic Language This book talks about the Intelligence in the Islamic nation. In the beginning, the author addresses the intelligence in different nations, then in the Islamic nation history starting with the intelligence of Prophet Mohammed –peace be upon him- against Quraish, Arab and Jews tribes, and intelligence in the time of ; the orthodox caliphs, Omayyad and Abbasid. Then, it deals with Islamic intelligence feature, where it clarifies the diplomatic and the intelligence aspect by training and rehabilitation of the ambassadors when they are sent to other nations. It also clarifies the woman role in the Islamic intelligence, keeping the nation’s secrets and the Islamic nation’s fight against extremism. Finally, it talks about the Islamic intelligence school, pointing that it has a unique character different from other school where it has the following characteristics; the intelligence man has a strong belief in religion, working under sever circumstances without any forbidden methods in conflict of religion, secrecy, sharpness and dealing with dilemmas without confusion and the knowledge of other languages. The Intellegnce School concerns with teaching the intelligence men the traditions and habits of the nations they will work at, it cares about the men’s physical fitness and teaching them how to deal with the enemy’s spies and to win their loyalty.