Leadership and Managment Contemporary Arab Thought: Roles, Constituents and Trends

القيادة والإدارة في الفكر العربي المعاصر : الأدوار والمقومات والعناصر / عبد الشافي محمد أبو الفضل.

أبو الفضل، عبد الشافي محمد أبو العينين ; Abdul Shafi Mohamed Abou El Fadl (2008)


This book which is authored by A.M. Abul Al-Fadl is an endeavor to clearly envision administrative thought. The work also surveyed in details fundamentals, relations and characteristics of successful and administrative leadership processes. Furthermore, an attempt is made to bring to light the shape of ideal leader and or administrator. - Leadership and the leading Role in contemporary administrative thought. - Administration, leadership skills and administrative levels. - The nature of the relationship and the most important characteristics of the leadership and its administrative roles. - Fundamentals of leadership & administration and the characteristics of those who shoulder both administrative and leadership responsibilities. - Relations and characteristics of leadership & administration. - Fundamentals and elements required for both: leader and or administrator.