Security training in the light of the social and cultural changes in Saudi society

التدريب الأمني في ضوء التغيرات الاجتماعية والثقافية في المجتمع السعودي : الواقع والمستقبل / محمد بن حميد الثقفي.

الثقفي، محمد بن حميد ; Muhammad Al-Thaqaif (2008)


Dr. M. Al Thaqaifi successfully addressed the following security-related issues: - The correction of the distorted image of the security personnel, in the opinion of many members of the community. - Adoption of the concept of comprehensive or total security, and - Concentration on police openness to an acceptable and possible strategy for energizing the relationship between citizens and security personnel. He proved the essentiality of training for the perfection of security agencies’ performance. Skills of personnel in this area need be upgraded, hence existing and future manner as regards handling of their duties improve. The original work was a doctoral dissertation submitted to NAUSS's college of graduate studies. The book has skillfully brought to light change manifestations of the Saudi community along with the latest trends in the philosophy and management of training programs. Furthermore the book reflected on the ways and means of promoting training in response to the ever renewing incidences. Recommendations forwarded are as follows: - To enhance the study of security phenomena. On equal footing researchers should be supplied with fresh data on the issue. - To orient researchers to concentrate on areas relating training programs to patterns of crimes and the utilization of applied scientific knowledge in its combat. - To study the present and future dimensions of crime at every Arab State. Meanwhile plans are to be drawn in the aim of confronting crimes and downsizing their undesired social impacts.