Self-Therapy by Power of imagination

العلاج النفسي الذاتي بقوة التخيل / محمد حمدي الحجار.

الحجار، محمد حمدي ; Mohammad Hamdi Al-Najjar (1990)


Various types of deviations of behavior are associated with the psychological health of the individual and the persons psychological security. There’s an interest in raising the levels of professionals working in the field of social security and criminal law in terms of psychological and mental health education to understand the psychological dimensions of the crime given the impossibility of separating psychological illness from the objective element of the crime, or the deviant behavior against the law and the society. This book highlights the subject of self psychotherapy by the power of imagination. It provides efficient psychological therapeutic strategies used in the treatment of mental disorders of various types, as well as the treatment of negative habits which are harmful to the person’s health such as smoking and consumption of intoxicants. The book begins by discussing the benefits of therapy using the power of imagination, indicating that the imagination is the key to many of the confusing issues, the book then moves to talk about techniques to enrich and develop the imaginative powers, and how to use imagination in the development of self confidence and skills. Then deals with the imagination techniques in the treatment of fear and forms of anxiety, the treatment of children fears and the elimination of negative habits. It also clarifies the role of imagination in overcoming stress and depression. In conclusion, the book shows the role of imagination in the control and treatment of organic mental disorders “Psychosomatic”, and its role in the prevention of future tragedies, in addition the book provides an explanation of different imaginative exercises and relaxation training techniques.