Drugs Modern Psychological Treatment and its Intellectual Effects

العلاج النفسي الحديث للإدمان على المخدرات والمؤثرات العقلية / محمد حمدي الحجار.

الحجار، محمد حمدي ; Mohammad Hamdi Al Najjar (1992)


Until nowadays, addiction is treated in purely medical ways whether in psychiatric and addiction specialized facilities or external clinics and this incomplete treatment only detoxifies the addict and protects him from withdrawal symptoms, yet does not change his addictive behavior. Thus regression rate might be up to 90% of conventional treatment methods. This book throws a spotlight over the psychiatric therapy for addiction and alcoholism starting with the problem of dependence, clarifying the concept of addiction from the point of view of the rational-emotional theory in addition to some rules and general therapeutic considerations and how to change the addictive behavior. The topic then switches to variable therapeutic medical techniques in applying the rational-emotional theory in treating addicts of alcohol or drugs showing the emotional and behavioral methods with their details with the steps and stages of treatment, and when to stop the treatment. Another topic explored by the book is how to treat the care taker of the addict and discussing with them the sides of their own personality, the addict’s personality and any false beliefs. And in the end it points out to the fact that the most ideal and general way of treating different types of addiction is the rational emotional theory especially in a group therapy in addition to the importance of the qualities of the therapist such as the serious and vital attention and care in dealing with his patient and putting his/her maximum energy to treat him/her.