Wine in Islamic Sharia Rules

الخمر وأحكامها في الشريعة الإسلامية / مساعد المعتق محمد المعتق.

المعتق، مساعد المعتق محمد ; Sheikh. Msaed Moateq (1985)


Scholars differ in their opinions to determine what is wine because of its differences according to the linguists. Most people agree with the most of scholars that wine is everything that intoxicates the mind and inebriate it. 1405هـ/1985م Date of Issue ACSST/Riyadh Publisher First Edition Arabic Language This book talks about the wine and Islam Sharia rules. In the beginning, it presents a definition of wine logistically and idiomatically and clarifies the reason of giving the term wine on inebriate drink. Then, it reviews rules of drinking wine in several cases: case of choice, removing anything which chokes, removing severe hunger and thirst and the case of medicine. Next, it deals with the reason of wine prohibition based on Qur’an and Sunnah, because intoxicants cause enmity, hatred and avoidance of mentioning God and prayer. It also points to the unanimity of scholars on the intoxicant’s taker rule, which is atheism the wine taker which is made of the raw grapes juice if it was boiled, tossed and buttered because it goes against what is necessary proven as the religion of Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), consensus and the text. Finally, the book shows the penalty of taking wine in Islam and unanimity of scholars on the necessity of punishing the taker of the tossed raw grapes juice even if it has not an inebriate effect whether he drinks a little or a lot even a drop when he chooses this with his acknowledgment of its prohibition and with no need to drink it. It also shows the conditions of necessity of penalty, proofs of taking wine penalty and how to execute this penalty.