Security Planning

التخطيط الأمني / المركز العربي للدراسات الأمنية والتدريب.

محمد, عبدالفاتح منجي ; Mohammed Abdul Manji and others (1993)



The security planning goal is to put a crime policy that aims to eliminate the crime, and rehabilitate the criminals by specific techniques, and to put this policy in every section of the security planning sections. This discussion contains a group of topics, which deals with the aspects that are related with the security planning concept, and the relationship of the plan with the other aspects of economical, social and cooperative work. The study continues to talk about planning in the security field, as it clarifies the importance of planning in the life of human societies, and defines “planning” in general and “strategic planning” in particular, and the book clarifies the considerations that must be kept in mind when making the strategic plans and their stages. The authors move to talk about the ways of the Arabic cooperation in the field of planning to face terrorism, and achieve the Arabic cooperation in order to protect the Arab nation as a whole. The book also talks about the ways of the international cooperation in the security planning field, which contain many methods, most important are: providing technical assistance, vocational training, encouraging the scientific research and establishing the principles and standards that guide the security policies. After that the researchers address the relationship between the security planning and planning for economic and social development, also addresses the insufficiency of the available data and information, and shows that the efficient planning must depend on the complete efficient information and accurate trustworthy data. Finally, they discuss the insufficiency of the security planning staff and the difficulty of specifying the security goals, and this because the goals are not clear and realistic; in addition, the lower levels are not participating in specifying the goals, the disharmony of the set goals and concentrating on the short range goals, not on long range ones, in order to get fast easy results, ignoring the big important results.