Security and Media in the Islamic State

الأمن والإعلام في الدولة الإسلامية / فهد عبد العزيز حمد الدعيج.

الدعيج، فهد عبد العزيز حمد ; Fahed Abdulaziz Al-Duaij (1986)


Security occupies a crucial position in different systems, legislations and ideologies; each one tries to show its importance and presents its theory, vision and philosophy. Security is so important because of its core effects on various aspects of societies and individuals. Without security there will not be a civilization or the human worship God in peace. 1406هـ/1986م Date of Issue ACSST/Riyadh Publisher First Edition Arabic Language This book talks about security and media and the relationship between both and the Islamic nation. In the beginning, the books reviews the crucial tasks of the Islamic nation which includes; protecting Islam principles and implementing them, ensuring justice among people, building social solidarity, and Al Jihad for the sake of God. Then, the book reviews these tasks and Security, where it concentrates on the relationship between security and each task and also what the nation must perform of the general Islamic duties. Next, it deals with the definition of Security in Islam and its importance, where it talks about the basic dimension of Security in Islam; ensuring Security in people’s lives, clarifying the way and the elements of Security. It also discusses the tasks and duties of police in the Islamic nation in details. Finally, it talks about media and Dawa in the Islamic nation, by presenting the definition of Dawa and its characteristics, by emphasizing on delivering the Dawa to everyone, anywhere and anytime. It also addresses Media in details, the definition, tasks, elements of success and its effectiveness.