Aircraft Firefighting and Rescue

مكافحة حرائق الطائرات والإنقاذ / أحمد محمد صالح عبد الرحمن.

عبد الرحمن، أحمد محمد صالح ; Ahmad Mohammad Abdelrahman (1992)


The need to develop evolved means to protect and prevent accidents and disasters has became very important recently, the aircrafts accidents has remained one of the issues that worries specialists in this area because they are looking for the most effective and safe ways to protect passengers, where the vast majority of travelers turned to travel by air because it’s the fastest way - regardless of its risks. This book highlights the issue of aircraft firefighting and rescue operation. It deals with the construction of aircrafts and the distribution of dangerous materials, detailing the basic features in the design of aircraft structures, and different types of engines and fuel tanks, an addition to the types of Jet fuel and the features of each type. The book then talks about emergency related services by reviewing types of aircraft accidents, the types of preparations made by firefighters at airports, and ways to combat aircraft fires. The study also deals with the tools and equipments used by firefighters, providing a detailed explanation for breathing mask, ladders, cutting and breaking equipment, hoses, generators, distinguishing materials, heat shields and clothes, smoke vacuums and dispensers, lifting devices and specialized fire distinguishing machines. In conclusion, this approach discusses the precautions that ensure better safety in accidents such as contingency planning, continuous training, using communication devices, safety precautions and methods of fire prevention.