The Role of Trace Evidence in Criminal Prosecution

دور الأثر المادي في الإثبات الجنائي / معجب معدي الحويقل.

الحويقل، معجب بن معدي ; Mu’jab Ma’di Al-Huwayqil (1999)


This book presents an overview of trace evidences found at crime scenes and used in criminal prosecution. It discusses the different types of trace evidence and their different sources. More specifically, it discusses human traces of evidence found at crime scenes. It discusses how to handle these pieces of evidence, how to use them in investigation, and when they may be considered as evidence in criminal cases. It also looks at the effect of the contamination and tampering of trace evidences. Finally, it discusses the different weight carried by trace evidences in different types of criminal cases such as murder, theft, adultery, and the consumption of intoxicants.