Reform Strategies and Administrative Development and Their Roles in Promotions National Security

استراتيجيات الإصلاح والتطوير الإداري ودورها في تعزيز الأمن الوطني / فيصل بن معيض آل سمير.

آل سمير، فيصل بن معيض ; Faisal bin Mo’ayad Al Smayer (2007)


The study aims to identify the attitudes and trends of top leaders in the civil and security institutions in regard of concepts of reform and administrative development and application in their organizations, the contribution of new technologies, strategies and policies of reform and administrative development in the promotion of the Saudi Arabian national security. The book includes seven chapters. The first chapter discusses the entrance to the study, such as: problem, questions, goals, importance, concepts and terminology of the study. The second chapter deals with the concept of administrative reform in terms of techniques and assumptions. Chapter three speaks about security in its broader sense, where it explains the concept, characteristics and theories of security and the threats and supporters of the National Security in Saudi Arabia. Chapter four presents previous studies related to the subject of study, in addition to the suspension by the researcher. While the fifth chapter explains the study methodological framework, such as: methodology, limitations of the study, society and sample of the study and the tool used to collect data. The sixth chapter presents the findings of the researcher in this study, including reform efforts and administrative development in Saudi Arabia. Finally, Chapter seven includes a summary of the study along with the most important recommendations.