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    • The Language of Forensic Experts: A Commentary on the Sally Clark Case 1999-2002 

      Benyounis, Huda M. A. (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2019-06)
      Abstract According to the judge, jury and the public in the UK, Sally Clark murdered her two sons. The prosecution forensic expert had submitted his evidence using complex medical and scientific language that misled ...
    • Lead and Cadmium Toxicity in Tile Manufacturing Workers in Assiut, Egypt 

      El Maaboud, Ragaa M Abd; Mohamed, Zaghloul T; George, Safaa M; El-Dine, Azaa M. Ez; El Shehaby, Doaa M (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2016-06)
      Abstract: Occupational lead and cadmium exposure are important health issues in developing countries. This study aimed to detect toxic metal contents in raw materials used to make tiles and to assess exposure health ...
    • Leadership and Managment Contemporary Arab Thought: Roles, Constituents and Trends 

      أبو الفضل، عبد الشافي محمد أبو العينين; Abdul Shafi Mohamed Abou El Fadl (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنيةNaif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2008)
      This book which is authored by A.M. Abul Al-Fadl is an endeavor to clearly envision administrative thought. The work also surveyed in details fundamentals, relations and characteristics of successful and administrative ...
    • Legal Background of Food Safety Violation Internationally and in Saudi Arabia 

      Agha, Samah Al (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2019-12)
      Abstract Tackling food safety violations worldwide in general and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular is a major global concern that requires ongoing evaluation and revision of the food control systems and laws. ...
    • The Legal Importance of Blood Alcohol Limits for Driving in German Law with a Comparative Study of Emirati and Egyptian Legislation 

      Bakdash, Abdulsallam A; Bux, Roman; Moustafa, Khaled H. (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2017-06-06)
      Abstract: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (DUI) is a crime or offence according to the laws of most countries. DUI increases the risk of traffic accidents as well as the severity and outcome of injuries ...
    • Legal profession in the Judicial system in the Arab Countries 

      زيد، محمد إبراهيم; Mohammad Ibrahim Zaid (1987)
      The legal profession is considered one of the oldest sciences in ancient and modern societies which helped in the process of civilization development. Today, the legal profession is considered one of the legal sciences and ...
    • Legal Protection of Child Victims 

      طه، محمود أحمد; Mahmud Ahmed Taha (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الامنية, 1999)
    • Legislative and judicial means against emerging crimes : The crime of money laundering as a model 

      Abdullah, Mousa; Rababah, Abdullah A. (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2019-12)
      Abstract This study was designed to clarify the effective legislative and judicial means to face the crime of money laundering. It is considered a new and emerging crime, according to an integrated vision that took into ...
    • Lightning Skin Burns: A Case Report 

      Abdelraouf, Tarek; ElHafez, Mohamed; Elmorsy, Ekramy (دار جامعة نايف للنشر, 2018-07)
      Lightning strike is a rare natural phenomenon which can cause death due to serious medical complications including myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, cutaneous burns, and respiratory as well as neurological disorders. This ...
    • Lip Prints : A Statistical Study of Morphological Patterns to Determine Sex Differences among Brahmins and Yadavs of the Bundelkhand Region of Uttar Pradesh, India 

      Rashid, Saba; Singla, Anu (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2018-12)
      Abstract Like fingerprints, lip prints are considered distinctive to an individual. A lip print found at the crime scene can help reveal the identity of the persons involved. The present study focuses on the differentiation ...

      FARHAN, SHEHAB ALI RADMAN; فرحان, شهاب علي ردمان; الشريف, أحمد علي . مشرف (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2019-04-04)
      Recently, authentication is an important issue; it gives the organizations facility to secure their data by giving access to organizations resources like a computer system, networking, data center, services, and other ...
    • Machine-Learning Methodology for Crypto-Ransomware Detection 

      معلاوي, محمد السعودي; Maalawi, Mohammed AlSaudi; جاد الحق, مصطفى . مشرف (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2019-04-03)
      Abstract Ransomware is one of the fastest growing and most sophisticated types of malicious software (Malware). It is considered as the most significant denial of service (DoS) Attacks. There are two main categories, ...
    • Male Juvenile in the Arab World 

      حسون، تماضر محمد زهري; Tomader Hassoun (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الامنية, 1994)
      The phenomenon of juvenile delinquency in the Arab world started to make a major problem with regional and national dimensions, as certain forms of deviation can hinder economic, social and cultural development, thus, ...
    • Management of Research Programs in the Arab Countries 

      بدر الدين علي; Badr al-Din Ali and others (1988)
      The importance of scientific research in steering and planning social and criminal policies seems undeniable. The recent years witnessed significant progress in social and criminal fields in many Arab countries. This book ...
    • Managing the Operations of the Security Crises 

      الشهراني, محمد بن سالم علي (2014)
      ملخص الدراسة: يناقش هذا الفصل أهمية تطبيق ال البصمات الوراثية)الحمض النووي ( DNA في حل القضايا الجنائية الغامضة ) Deoxyribonucleic acid ,) الريبوزي منقوص الأكسجين )short tandem repeat, تحليل الترادفات المتكررة القصيرة ( ...
    • Marine Piracy and the Security of Arab Navigation 

      القائد بهجت عبد الله; Bahjat Abdulla commander and others (1990)
      In the past few years appeared the problem of marine piracy that everyone thought it did not exist except in legends and myths. This problem was faced mainly by Arab marine navigation up seas or in the regional waters of ...
    • Measuring the Security Awareness of the Arab Public 

      النصراوي، مصطفى; Mostafa Al-Nasrawy (1992)
      Security awareness by the Arab public is becoming an increasingly important issue especially after the development of the definition of security from a narrow scope limited to the security officers and the authorities to ...
    • The Media and Domestic Violence 

      عثمان، عثمان أبو زيد; Osman Abuzaid Osmans (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2010)
    • The Media and Security 

      مركز الدراسات والبحوث,جامعة نائف العربية للعلوم الأمنية; Research and Studies Center at NAUSS (Naif Arab University for Security Sciences, 2006)
    • Medical Error Disclosure can Rescue Malpractice Litigation 

      A. Yassa, Heba; F. Peter, Abanoub (جامعة نايف العربية للعلوم الأمنية, 2018-07)
      Patient safety is the main goal of each hospital. Many steps can be taken to improve patient’s safety by the healthcare system. This study aimed to increase awareness about medical error disclosure, which helps to decrease ...