The importance of Security, Privacy and Trust in Cyber Security

Upadhaya, Rajneesh (2017-05-02)


Abstract Big Data comes with bigger risk there are many example that we can take in order to relate the incidents with the organization’s reputation loss, the big organizations were being the victim of the Cyber-attacks. As per the statistic and the reports from multiple sources the number of privacy breaches reported during financial year 2015-2016 are a lot and this has been significantly increase the concern of corporate world for Data privacy. If you think your organization is secure then this talk will change your mind and help you to understand what are the vulnerabilities that could cause a serious damage to the organization. In this talk I will explain most of the common ways that everyone should know that how an attacker get access to your organization and compromise the infrastructure that could cause the loss in the business, reputation even the human life. There is a need for security in the face of new forms of threats such as terrorism, identify threat, and cybercrime “Instead of using bullet and bombs the hackers are using Bits and Bytes” they are using cyber weapons because of many reasons the Cyber Weapons have globally access they don’t need any passport or stand in the immigration line or Border detection system, this is the high time that we all have to be aware about the Cyber Security and that can only be achieved by