Cloud Security Challenges and Countermeasures: A Systematic Review of State of the Art

Elhadj, Benkhelifa (2017-05-02)


Abstract As organisations are increasingly adopting cloud-computing as the foundation for their IT infrastructure, the security of inherently complex cloud systems becomes under test. In fact, he most cited obstacle to cloud computing adoption is security. We have proposed an adoption model, which suggests that adoption can only happen when technological trust meets the user perception. Research does not deny the many security challenges related to the use of cloud computing, however, we also recognize that many of these challenges are myths coming from wrong perceptions of users. In order to bring the users closer to reality, a number academic papers have been published providing surveys of Cloud computing challenges, but they were mostly atomistic and perspective-driven. In this research we have attempted to follow a systematic to define and classify cloud computing security challenges into a holistic view, using taxonomies rather than textual. We follow the same approach to identify the state of the art of cloud security countermeasures and defined areas of future research and development. One of these trends are nature-inspired solutions, where a couple of current research projects, conducted within my research group, will be showcased for illustration.