The Biometric Model as Method of Protection from Cyber Frauds

Kremic, Emir (2017-05-02)


Abstract—Novel research related to artificial model of human recognition is discussed in this paper. The artificial model of facial recognition is based on Android OS mobile platform. The facial recognition is retrieved from video, therefore we are describing model of facial recognition from video – captured with frontal mobile phone camera. The system has been developed with JAVA which is integrated on mobile phone side where on client side is implemented Principle Component Analysis (PCA). Therefore, we are in forward stage of implementing reliable model for face recognition using the video method implementation. In here we will review the area of face recognition and will describe the application where the current technology has been used. The work on such model will enable higher biometric security not just on mobile phones, but in wider spectrum. The significance of this model is that recognition has been done with frontal mobile camera with low resolution, where system artificial has been trained. The overall accuracy achieved is 92.63%. The aim is to discuss model of biometric security. One of the objectives is to enable authentication method using via mobile phone for biometric identification. Since, this is complicated and sophisticated research subject, particularly with respect to its implementation and determination of its applicability. The principle is to ensure and raise standard of cyber security as an integral part of national security. In order to improve the efficiency of security from cybercrime via face recognition we will raise security to higher level