Using interactive YouTube videos to tackle the problem of compromising security

Al-Saggaf, Yeslam (2017-05-02)


Abstract How common compromising security is a problem facing ICT professionals? What are the ways in which an organisation’s security can be compromised? What is the best strategy for dealing with this problem? How effective is this strategy? To address these four questions, this study employed a mixed methods approach involving three phases of data collection with the output of each phase being the input for the next phase. In the first phase, a quantitative survey of 2,315 Australian ICT professionals was conducted with the help of the Australian Computer Society. In the second phase, a total of 43 Australian ICT professionals from six different Australian capital cities were interviewed to find out from them, among other things, the ways in which an organisation’s security can be compromised and the best strategy for dealing with this problem. In response to this feedback, the strategy recommended by the majority of participants was implemented. Having shared the links of the recommended strategy with Australian ICT professionals via the Australian Computer Society, in the third phase, 28 ICT professionals were interviewed to provide feedback on the effectiveness of this strategy in improving young ICT professionals’ ability to deliberate on unprofessional behaviour in the ICT workplace. This paper presents the results from the three phases of this study